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Who We Are

There is something wrong inside the hearts of men that leaves them always wanting. No amount of money or status ever seem to be enough. We must learn to be content in our lives. We must overcome our desire for greed and power and become people with a foundation for compassion. A foundation that relies on community, and one that puts others before our own needs and desires. We recognize within ourselves, this same trait. This recognition drives us to be better. We want to change our minds. That is why we call ourselves “The Corrupted Hearts”. 


The band is led by singer Bradley Schultz, with bassist Jeff Sionnach, guitarist Adam Harrington and drummer Tom Chacra, all from Columbus, OH. We are a group of 90’s Grunge & Alt-rock fanatics, but we all approach music differently. Bradley studied Jazz and Classical music at Belmont University but loves bands like Radiohead, The Weekend, Calva Louise and Chevelle. Jeff has an eclectic taste in music including, Deftones, AiC, The Cure, Meshuggah, Sade, Sonic Youth and Cannons. Adam might be the biggest 311 fan we know, but was raised on an equal mix of alternative rock and pop punk records. Tom loves a wide range of music but brings a Lo-Fi element and a naturalist perspective to the mix. Together, The Corrupted Hearts have a sound that is saturated and dynamic with a haunting harmony and the occasional jazz chord thrown in. Their music is energetic and introspective but very honest and human.


The Corrupted Hearts band is a friendship, a brotherhood, and a support group of likeminded individuals. Everyone in the band is a husband, dad and a professional. The band prides itself on being family first. Our goal as a band is to make beautiful songs that people enjoy and spread a message of connectedness and community.

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