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A Columbus Ohio Alt-Rock Band

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How it Began

The Corrupted Hearts are an Alternative Rock Band out of Columbus, Ohio. Formally known as "INverso", the band is comprised of singer/guitarist Bradley Schultz, bassist Jeff Sionnach, lead guitarist Adam Harrington and drummer Tom Chacra. Bradley retired in August of 2022 and set out to complete an album he started in 2011. Pausing his musical career to raise a family and retiring at a young age breathed new life into Bradley's musical aspirations that had lay dormant for over a decade. He started playing drums for a cover-band where he met bassist Jeff Sionnach. The connection was immediate. They were always in-the-pocket and discovered they had similar musical tastes.

After making the decision to focus on his own music, he asked Jeff to come with him in late 2022 and be a part of The Corrupted Hearts; the re-birth of "INverso". The fledgling band then put out an ad for a drummer and met Isaiah Haynes. Isaiah was an incredible drummer and even contributed to the first album, "Smile with Your Eyes", by co-writing the song "Politics & Parlor Tricks". So, before Bradley and Isaiah had even met in person, they had written a beautiful song that made it onto the record. The trio hit the live stage after a few short weeks of practice and released their debut album "Smile with Your Eyes" on October 13th, 2022.


Unfortunately, Isaiah moved out of state in early 2023 and the search for a new drummer was back on. Also around this same time, Bradley wanted to focus more on singing rather than playing guitar and started looking for a lead guitarist. Luckily for the band they were contacted by Adam Harrington in the spring of 2023. Adam is an incredible guitarist and brings a sonic edge to the band that took them to new heights. He fit into the lineup perfectly and melded with Bradley and Jeff instantly. Shortly thereafter, in the summer of 2023, they found their current drummer, Tom Chacra. Tom pumped new life into the band and brings a lot of ideas to the music, and energy to the stage.


The band has big plans that include stellar live shows, livestream performances and a steady release of new material. They plan to release new songs every 6 weeks in 2024. Look to catch them on the local Columbus Ohio music scene as well as short tours around the Midwest in 2024 and beyond.


​Their album "Smile With Your Eyes" was recorded and produced by Bradley Schultz. It was mixed and mastered by Glenn Davis in Columbus, Ohio. Their follow-up album, 2024’s “Long Winter Blues” was released on January 5th, 2024. It was recorded and produced by Bradley Schultz and mastered by Corey Bergeron.


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Columbus, OH


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The Corrupted Hearts
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